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Marc Kurth

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Feb 26, 2009
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I'm really a fan of high contrast B&W (as long as there is still good tonality) but it's not an answer for every B&W image:

Very cool! Love the shot....The symmetry and the fact that the boats look like they're floating in nothing. From a distance it looks like a cardiogram:D
Yes, the lack of contrast in the fog is a nice feature here. I love how the boats' masts increase in size from left to right: it gives the eye something to follow.
I appreciate the comments.

I'm always surprised at how many photographers insist that it needs a lot more contrast, while the print buyers always commented on the "soft foggy" look. I took the shot because I was drawn to the soft tonality.
I prefer the soft look sometimes, and this pic benefits enormously from it. It gives the shot an almost unreal, dreamy feel to it.

Once again Marc you've got it spot on.

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