Softboxes: Mounting?


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Oct 10, 2007
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Calgary, Ab. Canada
Stupid question here.

I'm looking at getting some soft boxes to use with my two flashes. Problem is I don't know how they will work with my 580EX and my cheaper SB28 Nikon flash? How do you mount the box and the flash to a stand?

If I also got a transparent umbrella, where do you get the hardward to hold the umbrella shaft on the stand as well?

Just looking for ideas. Looking to get one stand, two softboxes and an umbrella.

As always, great help Mike!

Maybe I should ask the difference between the light given off by the umbrella and softbox then? I'll try a search here to see, but basically looking for a nice, even soft light.

I'll read further into those links now!
The softness is a result of the distance to, and the size of....your light source. So bigger is better and closer is better.

Most people that have talked to, prefer a softbox because it allows you to control the light better. You pretty much point the softbox where you want the light. With an umbrella, the light can be just as soft...but it's bounced all over the place....which may be a problem when you want or need to constrain it.

HERE is a site which allows you to compare two different light modifying accessories (although from only one brand).

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