Some close-ups in the yard


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Oct 29, 2013
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swamps of texas
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Playing with the HEAVY long lens, Trying to get it balanced in the gimbal head. Soooo, ya gotta shoot something right? ;)

Goldfinch with a sunflower seed

The rodent that is becoming way to comfortable at the feeder. ;)

...and one of the ever present 5 jays. (yeah, the cropping sucks, but this one wass never headed for the wall!)
What lens? Nice shots.

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What lens? Nice shots.

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the Sigma 150-600 S lens. Been running it standard even hand-holding. But those long focal length mean high shutter speeds to avoid shake blur. So took some advice I found on another thread on here and bought a cheap gimbal head(Mcoplus Professional Heavy Duty Metal Gimbal Tripod Head). Turned out to be quite nicely built. You have to have a longer mounting plate for the long lens in order to get them centered, but when you do you can literally manuever those long heavy lens' with your little finger and when you quit pushing they stop right there and do nt move! Inconvenient for some things like traipsing about in the woods for small fuzzy and feathered things, but I am going to like this i think fro the places where you can set up and wait.
...and thank you

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