Some neighborhood birds, C&C always welcomed


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Dec 20, 2013
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Just some feathered friends around home. I gave up trying to get the hummingbirds in flight and waited until those quick buggers landed:D
Any and all critique is welcome, thanks!
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java the robin hut hahaahah....

nice shots. but i think there a little dark except for the robin..
Thanks Danny. The recommended LR exposure always looks so bright/over exposed. That could be just my laptop, however.

The robin just plopped down right there for nearly 30 mins, weird.
Nice shots, I'm surprised you still have hummingbirds around!

2 and 5 could benefit from tighter crops.
Thanks Propilot. Been seeing several HB's around, benefit to being in CA and still in the 70's:D

I ran with Danny's comment on being too dark and played around with #1 again. I used LR's auto exposure adjustment which was +1.10. I made a few other small adjustments as well. I do think it looks better.
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hummers are now gone from my neighborhood

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