Some of my latest attempts. C&C


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Jul 2, 2015
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Here are some pics of my family and 1 of me on the bottom. These were done with the 6d, 50 1.8.
My daughter took the one of me and focused on my chin, she's 5. I used LR on all and PS on the Robin pics.












I like 1 and 5 although 5 I would have framed it a little further out giving her head a little more room.

Otherwise I think there's just nothing much interesting about the others.
OK. 12 images is too many to give detailed C&C on. Most people here suggest no more than 5 or 6.

1. Pose is very stiff - but that's normal with boys of his age. Maybe try to catch him playing around? You got him in a 3/4 pose which works but the crop puts him in the centre with too much dead space behind; it would look better with him on the right looking into the photo.
2. Nice work on cutting him out and superimposing him on the background image BUT you need to take him out again, flip his image horizontally and put him back (same position) so that he's looking into the image and towards the bat symbol.
3. Cute young lady but you cut her off at the shoulder on the right. Always try to avoid cutting off at joints.
4. Mr cool with a star.
5. Lovely! Nicely positioned, too. A touch on the cool side (needs a little more warm toning).
6. LOVE the faces and expressions. Background isn't the best and detracts from the image. Also too cool and the colours are too flat. Take it back to LR and play with the sliders.
7. B&W doesn't solve the issues this time.
7A. Nice lighting and nice pose but the bar she's leaning on detracts due to the scruffy paint spots.
8. Great models. the gentleman's expression is magic and the little girl is good, too. I like the pose but again the bar is an issue.
9. The gentleman gets the prize for expression again but the young man has also managed to crack a smile.
10. Nice family group - colours could do with a little warming up.
11. Well done to your daughter! Tell her that the DoF was a bit too shallow.

Overall some nice shots for the family album and a good basis for learning. You've got some models worth working with, the lady and gentleman would make a great pair
I like the second one, it's so nice and I feel like your son is Robin.
Thanks for the feedback. Back to the "studio". I'll do less images next time

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To the comment about catching the boy playing around...he's freaking Robin for crying out loud! Looks like a kid giving a tough pose to me...

Nice job!
I played with the contrast and temp a bit and now see what you're saying about flat color & too cool. I re cropped a couple too.

For the Robin pic. I was trying for the feeling of transition from Robin to Nightwing. That's why I chose turning his back to Gotham & the hijacked Bat Symbol. And was my first PS thing I did.

Thanks for the tips.
I think 5 is lovely, like it a lot. The rest are good too and nice natural expressions but I'm not crazy about the background curtain, it's distracting. Maybe if there was more separation of the subjects from the background then you could tweak DOF to blur it out a bit... just my thoughts but I'll admit portraits are not my thing - too hard! Keep up the good work.
Thanks for the C&C. Here are a couple of redone photos. I watched some youtube vids for pointers.



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