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Jul 27, 2013
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Kentucky, United States
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Here is a few shots of mine I thought I would share.

the photo above is called Goose Island Pond in Kentucky, it has islands throughout the pond which is where the geese nest at. While growing up, we would fish here a lot.
I took this photo above in Florida, its a pier that goes out onto the Indian River.
The photo above was taken at the turkey creek sanctuary in Florida
This photo above is of the boardwalk through the turkey creek sanctuary in Florida
Another shot of Goose Island Pond above
The Magical Kingdom at Disney World


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Two comments:

While these are reasonably well done, they are essentially the same photo - something is close then recedes into the distance


They are the same as bazillions of other shots of the same kind of place. I know that original/beautiful landscapes are hard to do because the landscapes just sit around and let people shoot them but these look like everyone else's shots.
In my opinion theyre all pretty good, the one that I really like is the one of the dock extending out over the water.
It's a landscape photoshoot, it's very hard to bring something new in this type of photos.
Liked them, btw, especially Disney Castle
Nice shots, like no1 the most, great colour and comp
too bad the "HDR" seems to pull everything out of focus...
They look good you just have to sharpen the heck out of HDR.

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