Some nature shots of mine, check them out


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Jul 27, 2013
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Kentucky, United States
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here are some shots I have done that I thought I would share. I am not a pro, which I am still learning.
Above is a southeastern kentucky elk bull
Above is one of the free wild horses that roam the fields in southeastern kentucky.
the photo above is of one of the many wild horses that roam in southeastern kentucky where the elk view area is.
a bumble bee in a flower
Above is a young wild horse sunbathing

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I really like the one of the rhinos. The only other one that really grabs my attention is the raccoon.
With a couple of exceptions your subject is always smack dab center of the image. Might want to read up a bit on composition. A good place to start is Here.

On a couple that have a lot of solid light-colored background your subject is underexposed. Might want to read up a bit on how metering systems work. A good place to start is Here.
The raccoon is my favourite, it's interesting as it has the structure around him to fill the scene. I agree with SCraig that you need to try positioning your subject off center for some of your shots, adds variation and interest.
Liked the raccoon :) nice shot.
I see you have an artistic eye, why don't you make something like this?
With your variety of photos it could be a great thing to do.
A little heavy with the post processing IMO. Use less vignette and sharpening/definition boost. You have the right idea though. keep developing your eye.

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