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    I'm definetly an ameture, i just have a 6 mp digital HP camera, but i like taking pics anyway. I got bored today so i went outside when it kinda sprinkling out... i didn't mess with these pics and i know they're not wonderful.. but tell me what you think anyways plz!
    i don't really like this one, i think there's too much of the leaves in it.
    This was a puddle under the edge of our shed. Water was dripping off the edge and i happened to catch it when the drop of watter was hitting the puddle
    This was a pic of the cherry blossom trees when i went to washington DC. I never even edited this picture, but i decided to put it in here. i know it needs to be cropped and you can see the top of someones head in the bottom of it though.

    Well even though i personally don't like them much... tell me what you though! constructive critisizm appreciated!

    --- Sry if the size isn't right, i can't figure out how to change it...


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