Some random newbie pictures

The first one is crooked but the exposure is pretty good. Look at the background, shouldn't the columns on the porch go straight up?

The second, I have no clue what the subject is or even what I'm looking at.

The third, OK, it's a tire.

The fourth, is the subject the door, the fairy, the tree roots, or the rocks? Emphasize the subject, de-emphasize everything else. Don't leave it ambiguous.

All of them are slightly flat. Not a great deal but there is nothing truly black or white in any of them. In the first, the inside of the dog's nostril should be black and not dark gray. Same for the dark shadows on the wheel.
Thanks, great advice!
I also noticed this image crooked but I left that alone. I Converted to B&W (I love B&W) and done some curves adjustments on the eyes and nose. What do you think?


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