Some walk around photos from a resort town a few weeks ago

Jeremy Z

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Jan 4, 2007
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These were taken with the Olympus XZ-1. There are different photos of each subject, with different types of processing. For the contrasty, grainy ones, I used the in camera 'Grainy Black and White' filter. The other black & white ones, I just de-satured the color original jpgs and boosted the contrast a bit. There's one color image in there, just for reference.

I'd like to hear which version of each photo you like best and why. Also, I'd like to hear suggestions as to what could have made these better without turning it into a big, time-consuming set-up. For instance, anything that would have taken more than 20 seconds would be out of the question, as I have my wife in tow most times we go here, and she is not that patient lately. (she's 8 months pregnant now, and when we have our daughter, I don't think that will help her patience either, hehehe)

Lastly, have you got any general comments on this batch?


Subject 1:

Original jpg from camera:

converted to B&W:

w/ Grainy B&W art mode:



Subject 2:

Original jpg:

Grainy Film art mode:

(I don't have a B&W version of this one, for some reason)


Subject 3:


Grainy film art mode:

(I didn't save the color one of this, as the color of the concession stand behind the sculpture was distracting)


Subject 4:

Grainy B&W filter. This is the only one I saved, as it was so much better than the original and regular B&W
Personally, I'm not a fan of the Grainy B&W filter, there's too much detail lost. But the choice between them ultimately comes down to what your personal preferences are and what you want to achieve with each photo.

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