some warbirds from this summer (6)


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Jun 6, 2009
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too close to Seattle
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not sure which forum warbirds would fall into, so i'm guessing this one is okay... these aircraft belong to Paul Allen's (yes, THAT Paul Allen) Flying Heritage Collection museum in Everett, Washjngton. most of the aircraft in the collection are in flying condition, save for a couple that are so rare they will never be flown, but are fully restored nonetheless... anyway, these were from one of the museum's "free fly days" this past summer, when the museum flies several of its aircraft at a time.

Bf-109E-3 - this is one of only two flyable E-3s in existence at present.

this is the museum's P-47D Thunderbolt, AKA "the Jug"...

Love them, especially #1. I can't wait for an air show next year in my area.

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Great shots of very interesting subjects.
Fantastic!!! :icon_thumright:
Those look fantastic.
Beautiful photos! I can't wait for next year's Breslau air show if it happens again. Maybe I'll have a new lens for that!

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