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Oct 16, 2015
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Captured this as I was coming out of the grocery store this Summer.

Not sure. It may just look funny because of my position. I had to back way up to capture the whole scene. I cropped a lot out of the bottom since it was of no value
You are not seeing the barn lengthwise & that may be the problem
nice shot the barn does look a bit warped or something.
Perhaps the barn is melting?
Actually there is nothing wrong with the barn. You are looking at the short side of the barn & there is an extension off the right side. It may look slightly off due to the landscape or since it is towards the edge of a wide angle lens.
There is something off, though. The pole on the far left is slanting to the right and the barn is leaning to the left, so there is a bit of distortion in the photo. It is just more obvious that the barn is off than the rest of the photo, but the whole capture's verticals are distorted from one side to the other.


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