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Someone painted my truck!


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Dec 10, 2007
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Los Angeles
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Ok.. it's not really my truck, just a random truck sitting out in front of my apt. I got home around 11pm tonight and there it was. It looks kinda cool with all the graffiti in a weird urban kinda way, so I grabbed my tripod and took this.
d200/tamron 17-50 @f/8 14sec. with street lighting

I have often thought about buying an eighteen wheeler and leaving a trailer sitting unattended in an aria where it would undoubtedly get covered completely with graffiti. Graffiti when done well is some of the coolest things to see, sadly it's becomming more urban tagging with no artistic merit due to anti graffiti efforts of many places.

Really cool shot, How long was the exposure?
Nice shot, have you seen how they paint some of the trucks down at Venice Beach :cool:
that is cool, need to bring out some of my graffiti shots from Paris, the Parisians can lay down some graffiti. But like the shot. makes me want to get a nikon now.

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