Something about Bees ???


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Jun 12, 2003
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Hi Friends,

Ik think the creature on this picture succeeded very well and want to be as a Bee. But are You sure this is a bee ?? It is funny though

look for the answer at my website in Pbase which you can find in the memberlist.

BTW what de You think about this picture ??

It's a great pic...I'm not too sure what it is though. I saw one picture on your site named Hoverfly and it looked the same as the one in this photo.
That's a great macro shot. There are many varieties of wasps and bees. You would have a better idea if you saw it in flight. some hover flies mimic the bee / wasp design but they can remain stationary in flight. Did you set up that shot or just find it there?
thats an awesome pic!!!!!
did u have a macro lens for that?
is that dumb question?

<---such a newbie nerd
It's a fly, check out the head and mouth parts.
Yes, it is a Hoverfly .mouthparts and eyes are differant then wasps and bees. It is funny though such a creatures fool everybody including people.

I use a Macro 100mm lens together with a 36mm extention tube.

The raindrops are real and shot after a shower. When I am out I carry "the apparatus" ---like a friend it used to call ---and look for insects or whatever is intresting.

The apparatus is a construction with 3 flashlights and freeze the situation
with light. F 22 in quite normal to shoot with.

Thanks for Your reactions and anwers.

very cool picture. do you recall what kind of film you were using?
Hi Toby

Ik used Kodak E100s for this kind of pictures but I switched over to Fuji Provia 100F since a year.I don't know if they sell the Kodak E100s anymore.I believe it is replaced for a new film.I ran out of film so I have to check on the new kodak film aswell.

Best regards,


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