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Aug 4, 2013
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I was just messing around a took some pics of something of mine, other than a camrea that I enjoy shooting with.


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You have great taste my friend. Top notch, wish I could afford one lol
Good work, as for pictures... nothing too special but who cares.
Thank man!

You see when I got it I was torn between it and upgrading my camera. I opted to get it first then upgrade the camera later. Now that I have upgraded my camera I was just trying to get a feel for it. It took the first two shots with the 60 2.8 micro and the last two shots with the 55-200. I also took a couple profile shots of it with the 60 but they were a bit over exposed. I agree the shots are nothing too special (although I do like what they look like at the original size much better), I was getting a feel for things. Plus I was getting sick of trying to get macros of the bees in my yard when I have to get so damn close with that 60 :lol:
Thanks all.

Yes you guys are right they are damn good looking rifes. Plus it was an excuse for me to take a break from trying to get those damn bee macros that I cant get to turn out quite right ;)

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