Something I passed at night while walking


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Dec 24, 2005
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Yeah I wonder around a lot.
It was raining.

ah, great shot but so underexposed
I don't understand the underexposed comments. It looks exactly like what it is to me...a night shot of one of the more nebulous Fords ever made. I'll bet you got all that was there. ron
thanks for the compliments.
yeah, its supposed to look like this.
Looks perfectly executed in the THORHAMMER style to me - so good, I'll make it my first POTM nom of the month.
I love the feel this one generates, exelent choice of lighting for the subject, that won't work with nine out of ten cars, but this one just glows.
I dig it the way it is. :thumbup::thumbup: I like the low light, and the mood you created with this car. Nice one man.
thanks !!!

You never know when you will find something cool like this ... I was lucky to find it
Looks great Thor.

I need to start walking around at night. But if I did that, all I would see are recently harvested soybean fields.
I love the colors. Even the ones in your flickr gallery I love em.

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