Son portrait - charmingly out of focus


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Feb 11, 2013
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So I don't need to tell you what I did wrong with this one...

Backstory was I was out with my 3 kids at a local nature preserve, beautiful winter day and I took the camera along. I got a lot of good shots, although none of them of my son - between the hat he wore, that kept the shade over his eyes, and a generally lack of enthusiasm at the camera, he wasn't being real photogenic.

This shot was taken with the camera in one hand and the other hand holding his, pulling him toward me in a general "messing around with you because you'll find it annoying" type of fashion ;)

Of the several good shots I got on this outing, I find this is the one I keep wanting to look at. It's very compelling to me. Curious if it is as engaging for others?

DSC_0468 by John Bixler, on Flickr
I can see where you as the parent would appreciate this, but without the emotional attachment, I think most will not.
And, exactly why I ask the question!!

Most of my pictures are of my kids, and I know my perception of the pictures is skewed for that reason.
Curious if it is as engaging for others?
When you find yourself staring at a photo, but not quite understanding why, try to step back to analyze it from a dispassionate point of view.

Here we see the child's eye apparently looking at the camera, and that is the one thing that draws the viewer into the photo. We see the eye looking back at us, which is a very human thing to do; searching for the emotion of the subject to engage our own perception.

Just think; if this photograph had been more artistically composed and technically well done, it would be a keeper for sure.

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