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May 16, 2007
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I agree with bjorkfiend about the props. The model looks a little stiff in that position holding the candles. Maybe if the candles were placed on a table nearby so she wasn't holding them, then she could be in a more relaxed position??? It seems like if you are to incorporate candles into a picture, however, it should be a lower lit environment (more moody??) oh, I don't know. The lighting, background just doesn't seem to mesh well with candles. It just seems too bright and cheery. Everything else about the picture is nice. Well lit, nice focus, the "songstress" is lovely with her dress, jewelry and makeup...she looks very classy.

I hope that wasn't too confusing. Just trying to put my feelings about the picture into words (not always easy) :)
Thank you very much. You are both right , the mood is not set just right here. I like the idea of the candles lighting the mixer and the holding of them is off balance.

I was after a bit of romantic visual tension with the candles but missed the mark. The stage type lighting works but the candles need work.

Cheers DeadEye

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