Sony 7RII vs 7III


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Nov 10, 2020
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I owned a 7RII for a couple of years and always was impressed by the total sharpness of the camera. I decided to upgrade to a 7RIV and was disappointed in the sharpness and returned the camera. On an impulse I then bought a A7III, which is sharp, but not as sharp as the 7RII, using the same lens, a
FE 4/24 - 105 G OSS. Can anyone tell me why this is so, or am I doing something wrong with the settings on the menu?
It's most likely the lens. When using the A7RIV I would stick with primes. You can try renting a Sigma 85mm or 105mm 1.4 and see what you think of the sharpness then.
There are so many focus settings with the A7III, you probably have something set "wrong" for your shooting scenario. There are a lot of good youtube videos that explain all the different auto focus features that I found very helpful in deciding how to configure mine :)

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