Sony a7xx face detect issues

Discussion in 'Sony Cameras' started by enerlevel, Apr 16, 2017.

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    hi all,
    I have a Sony A7s II along with 28mm f2 FE lens. Both are on their latest firmware.
    I am having issues with face detect focus... I use face detect On , focus wide.. the camera detects faces with a green box but none of them are actually in focus..
    For example I had a couple stand against a wall. As usual the green box was on their faces but when I previewed the pic, the wall at the back was in focus. This happens 80% of the time. I sent it to Sony but they said nothing is wrong with the camera...
    Center focus and eye detect works 100%.
    Is anyone else having these problems? Also aperture and light seems to have no effect. If I use higher F stops, still faces are blurry.. and happens during the day as well as low light areas.


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