Sony A900 A500 A700 A350 Timer Remote AP-TR1S

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    • Electric accurate time control with LCD display
    • Delay time, Long exposure time, Interval time management
    • Multi photos shooting number setting
    • Mechanical shutter design make it works when w/wo battery
    • Low power consumption
    • LCD panel can be illuminated in the dark environment
    The price : $23.99

    more details :

    LCD Timer Remote AP-TR1S for Sony A900 A500 A700 A350

    Wireless Remote Set S1 for Sony A900 A350 A700 A200 RM-S1AM

    Remote Shutter Switch for Sony RM-S1AM RC-1000 a300 a700

    Battery Grip Vertical Shutter for Sony Alpha A500 A550 VG-B50AM


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