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Dec 22, 2015
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Hey everybody,

So, i have a Sony A7 + kit lens. I want to get a new lens soon but Im not to sure which.

So here's the question:
Should I get one of the Sony 1st party lenses
-Ex: 35mm f2.8 (or others)

Or is it wiser to get a metabones and get a canon lens
Ex: Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 (or others)
You might have issues using a crop-only lens (EF-S) on a full frame camera.
Just saying. ;)
If you need to ask you probably want to stick to the simpler option, which is native mount. The norm for using adapters etc is when your own brand is missing something specific and you need to use something else, or you already have different lenses you need/want to use. Buy a sony.
I've never used a sony DSLR or mirrorless camera, but I've heard native support for lenses is severely limited - just about everything else I've heard about the A7 is good . I hear they are particularly widely recomended for adapted lenses & people I know through other forums have brought them specifically with this in mind. IIRC metabones now make that enable the A7 to control EF lenses (AF, aperture etc.) but they won't be cheap! Unless you already have a good collection of EF lenses their benefit will be rather limited.

If you can handle manual focusing a Canon FD (or Nikon F, Pentax PK, Olympus OM...) lens on a simple (no optics) adapter can give excellent results sometimes with remarkably inexpensive lenses. All electronic lenses like the EF series are not so easily used, and with EF have higher demand so the prices for good lenses are not as affordable.

FWIW metabones are better known for their 'speedbooster' an adapter that compresses the images from full frame lenses to fit APSC sensors, giving a wider FOV than a direct adapter and a stop of extra brightness. I suspect this is what DB_Cro was thinking off. :)

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