Sony World Photography Awards 2010 Student Shortlist

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    The Student Focus award is an extended university programme, and has grown from ten universities in Europe in the inaugural year of the awards, to 60 institutions in 2009. The 2010 competition has attracted a staggering 120 institutions across six continents, creating the world‟s most high-profile student photography Award.
    Students were asked to submit images which focus on the 2010 Student Focus theme of „War and Peace‟ as reflected in their country, resulting in an astonishing array of unique images. 12 burgeoning photographers - two students from six institutions from six continents - have now been chosen to take part in the final competition in Cannes.

    Two students from Canada have been chosen from all of North America to compete with their two photos. The students are enrolled at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They will compete against the 10 other student photographers at the end of April in Cannes, France

    http://www.worldphotographyawards.o...dent shortlist press release FINAL, 8 FEB.pdf

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    Give you a dollar if you reply to this message. At any rate student anything is always good. The photos I saw in the press release were outstanding with a strong theme. Hit me when a preview gallery or whatever goes up.

    Love & Bass

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