Sooo Happy!!!! With my new tablet

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    Today I just received my new Wacom Intuos4 Pen Tablet. I never use a tablet before and all my friends and PS advisers been telling from so long to buy one. Finally I made my choice and I VERRYYYYY HAPPY!!!

    Start with the construction is very Slick and look very professional.
    The pen feels very comfortable and natural in the hand.
    The configuration of the buttons OMG is endless defenetly it speed up the process of editing and navigating.

    I just been playing around with the Tablet like for the last 4 hours and I already feel very comfortable using it. I'm very sure that when I finish all my settings I barely going to use even the keyboard when I'm editing in PS

    Really if someone is thinking to buy one Intuos 4 is a great Option.
    This is the official trailer for the presentation

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