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Mar 8, 2011
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One of the nice thing about GIMP is it's open source........... meaning anyone can write a script or plug-in for it. I've added a lot of them over the past few years. Having PMed a TPF member recently about this, I thought I'd go ahead and do this..... give anyone who want to 'upgrade' their GIMP a chance to do so.

I simply copied all the plug-ins I have downloaded into one .zip file and posted it on my business site. You can find it here. These are scripts that can be found at the GIMP Registry if you want to take the time to wade through them.

To make this simple, I suggest you close GIMP if you happen to have it open when you do this.

Download the file, unzip it, and you'll find scores of .scm files. Those are the plug-ins. Some were native to GIMP when you downloaded it, but don't worry. Simply copy all the files to the following Windows directory: (This is for Win7, I think XP is the same. Sorry, Mac users, I can't help you on this part!)

C/Program Files/GIMP 2.0/Share/gimp/2.0/scripts.

If you get a message saying the file already exists, simply select "Don't Move" and check "Do this for the next ___ conflicts" ("No" for WinXP users) so you don't overwrite anything you already have installed.

Launch GIMP and you'll see all the add-ons show up when you look at a drop-down menu option. If they don't appear, choose Filters > Script-Fu > Refresh Scripts. That should do the trick.

Some of them don't work for me.... I don't know what I need to make them work. But there's lots of stuff in there to play around with. I really enjoy things like AutoRotate and AddImageInfo. If you want to see what all these things do, I suggest you load an image, then press Ctrl+D to make a duplicate image. Then close the original image so you don't accidentally save it after you've edited it. You can edit the duplicate image to your heart's content, using Ctrl+Z to undo the edits.
... simply select "Don't Move" and check "Do this for the next ___ conflicts" ("No" for WinXP users) ...
Hold the [Shift] key down when you click "No" under WinXP and it won't ask for the remainder. It's like checking the "Do this for all conflicts" checkbox on Win7.
Sweet! I just installed all of these. Can't wait to try everything out!

In terms of general PP, which scripts have you found that you use the most? There's a lot to go through there, and I'm sure I'll make my way through them all eventually, but would love to know what you find most useful :)

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