speedlight and unnatural skin tone


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Sep 10, 2011
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Chicago, IL
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Hey, shot a family member's baby shower today (just for fun/practice - no expectations). Anyway, it was my first time using the SB-700 for an extended period of time in a room with a really high ceiling. So I couldn't bounce. I went direct with a diffuser and sometimes held it off camera high left. I feel like skin tones were washed out a bit. Should I have been gelling instead of diffuser? Any other comments appreciated. Example below. Thanks dudes.

Did you have the WB settings on camera as flash? How about bouncing the light on a white reflector?
shot in RAW; white balance doesn't seem to be the problem. A reflector wouldn't have worked in this small venue whilst remaining unobtrusive. Hence the diffuser.
How big was the diffuser?
It was just the little diffuser that came with the sb-700. not a softbox or anything. sparky, do you agree that the skin tones look a bit bright?
It looks bright because it's slightly overexposed to me. If you're speaking of the built-in diffuser on the flash, that's really just for when you use a ultra-wide-angle lens. You may want to try something like this.
Not the diffuser that is attached to the flash, but the frosted plastic dome that came with it and attaches as a separate piece. Is that not a diffuser? Love the idea of a flash bender; going to hit up the photography store tomorrow and try that out. Thanks!
I usually just add a little warmth in post processing to compensate for the cool light of the flash.
How high were the ceilings? And what was your ISO on?

Unless the ceilings were like 60 feet, you probably could have bounced flash on ISO 400-800.
Yea ceilings were that high, and were also colored red. ISO was set to 400-500.
Yea ceilings were that high, and were also colored red. ISO was set to 400-500.

Oh, well if they're colored red... That changes everything.

**** that. :lmao:
Hahaha. Yea at least I'm not asking 'hey why does everyone look bloody?'

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