Spent NYE in Moab Utah.....here are some shots!


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Jan 21, 2006
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#1 HDR that I need to work on more, and get the full program to lose the watermark....but this is what I am going for more or less:





Balanced Rock:







My favorite place in the world. Thanks!
I think #5 is the money shot.
#2 does it for me....it gives a great sense of distance and depth (even though the cliffs are always much bigger and further away than they appear). and that fence along the road adds a nice contrast to the lines of the road
They are all very beautiful but I think 2 & 5 are my favorites! I'd love to visit out there! So gorgeous!!
I like them all! Moab must be one of the most beautiful places on earth. I was going to ask if you went to Arches National Park, but I see you did. I recognize that balanced rock! If you like the outdoors, then Arches NP is a place you must see before you die.
These are all fantastic. Is there a place to view them bigger?
Whoa, Photo 2 takes the cake (in my view). I really like to see that dirt track, traces of snow, the fence aiding the road to lead the eye towards those cliffs, and then the light on the cliffs and that cloud above. That one is very much "my" photo here!

To see them a tad larger (800px wide) would be a bonus!!!

And I feel they should be in Landscape and Nature!
Fantastic shots, nothing like red rocks and snow! I could spend a year in that part of Utah and not run out of great things to shoot.

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