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Apr 4, 2005
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Finally I started to feel spring has come.




















Too many photos, not numbered, either... that makes pointing out an individual one difficult, but I do remember this second one (I think it was) of the glassware in the window. I really like that one! And there is one in the series of a couple in love ... that goes well with your feelings of spring that you try to convey to us, too. And then there is one more of those colourful glass bottles ... that one is also among my favourites.

Where were all these taken? They have such a distinct Skandinavian look to me. Where are you?
I numbered them now.

They are taken from Stockholm in Sweden. Mmm, LaFoto, you must be a very well-travelled person. From which details you get the impression that they have a distinct Scandinavian look? Really I'm curious, could you please elaborate?
The colours on the walls of the houses. The glass work. The window frames. And then I THOUGHT the statue of that young boy in the nude had Stockholm in the background. I wasn't QUITE sure, but I thought so... I've never been to Stockholm myself, and to Sweden only once in my life, to south Småland (as far up as Växjö on one of our tours), but my friend's been to Stockholm and she showed me her photos and I tend to look at photos carefully and with great interest... that's possibly how.

And thank you for numbering them. With so many it is always best to do so.
I'm very impressed by the fact that you succeeded to render the feeling of spring. There are many details that technically bother me, but the whole series is really nice, and makes me forget those details. I espacially like the textures on your pictures.
Salut, willpops, pourriez-vous m'indiquer quels sont les détails qui ont le besoin d'amélioration? C’est certes utile à savoir. Merci beaucoup d'avance..
Thanks LaFoto. It's very interesting to hear you mention "the window frames". I will pay close attention to the windows next time when I visit Germany to see the difference. :)
Next time you visit Germany you should let me know in advance and we could organise a little Meet-Up... like if you should come to or stop over in Hamburg or so?
i like the light in 13, the way the alley lights up towards the end looks really cool
Wow, nice series! I really like 1, 10 (those colours!), 12 (looks like a watercolour painting), 13 (such warm tones), and 19. Two pictures didn't come out, even though I refreshed my screen twice. It was worth the wait for the pictures to come up on my screen.
(Nice french ;) Something more correct would be :
"Pourriez-vous m'indiquer les détails qui ont besoin d'être améliorés? Cela me serait utile."

1 : Everything outside is white, which can be a choice, but not mine ;)
2 : Not really interesting as a composition. The little "plus" is missing. Technically it's OK.
3 : Same critic. Plus we don't really see the subject (what's in the basket)
4 : Nice shot. Maybe a bit confusing, but as the squirrel in the city (good choice, if it was one :D). The white line coming though the animal (on the right) should have ended a bit under it, and not directly on it's head, but I know squirrel are a difficult subject.
5 : Great composition, but the focusing should have been made on the "main" flowers (those in the middle, which should have been placed less in the middle, for example a bit right and down, try cropping)
6 : Strange composition. The powerful opposition between hand and foot, is confusing. The hand should have been more in focus (more closed lens).
7 : This one should have been taken a bit from above, in order to unhide the house in the background, and not to center the "soil" where birds are standing. The bottom part of this pic is to me useless (nothing special to show there)
8 : Really expressive picture, but too classic. Placed one or two step on the left, and a bit crouched, you'd have had the perspective lines from wall, and maybe something interesting in background, depending on the environment. (but not sure ; at least the perspective lines would have been interesting)
9 : Here is (to me) the centering interesting. There's some kind of "flower explosion" which needs to be exploited. With a shorter focal lenght, for example.
10 : Nice colors, but the focusing should have been done on the "main" red bottle, which is also "cut" on the upper edge :(
11 : Also a bit confusing. The orange feather (?) is too centered. (vertically speaking)
12 : Perfect ! Except one thing... (sic) There are hotspots on the two middle flowers... :(
13 : Here is the hotspot not a problem, to me. There's a little too less space upon the "door". Have you tried cropping it vertically (in portrait) ? I'm not sure it'll works, though.
14 : Really nice texture.
15 : Once again, the hotspot in the bottom right corner is there :(
16 : Nothing to say (yes ! it happens :D)
17 : Hotspots again.
18 : Nice one, but the church should have been more visible (but it was maybe not possible)
19 : Really nice water texture. The boat and the anchor are too exposed for me (but not "hotspotted")
20 : The reflection of the light is not entirely in the frame. Same thing for the feather on the left.

Looking at the whole series again, I've seen no vertical composition. Are you used to it, or is it "luck" ? If you're not used to it, you should force you to do it as an exercise : you're missing half of the composition you could do ;)

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