Spring come early?


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Aug 29, 2011
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Cumbria, England
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It's still a month until the Vernal equinox yet we've got snowdrops and, best of all, lambs. Enjoy!

I took this just as the Sun was setting, hence the warm glow, with my terrible and fungussy 70-300mm, hence the softness! I'm not usually the type to go after 'wildlife' but there were so many lambs and I had my 300mm!

Comments and critique welcome!
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bit underexposed IMO but I love the subject and it's nice to know Spring is nearly upon us :)
looks a little soft.....
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It is slightly dark. That's my style, not an excuse. I hope to get some more Spring-related shots when the opportunity arises, I'll have to try and get me a macro lens!

looks a little soft.....

It is soft. I used what's probably the worst telephoto zoom Canon has made. That's why I mentioned it in the first post. Thanks for the contribution, though.
Its a sweet image <3 It might be worth bumping the brightness a touch, but its got a lot of feeling to it IMO. I'm not sold on the composition though.
Have to agree that it's slightly under exposed, and somewhat soft. Hate to see that in a piece of equipment you paid good money for. Really nice composition though.

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