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    We went out shooting today to get some pictures of Saguaro cactus. At our first stop my girlfriend, Linda-Ann, went one way, and I went another. We were just 50 feet from the car, when scared, Linda-Ann called to me as she was quickly trotting back toward the car. I had no idea what had startled her until I heard her call out, “Rattlesnake!” She hadn’t noticed him until she heard his rattle. It was only five feet in front of her.

    I was delighted that she had found a rattlesnake, as I’ve been wanting to photograph one for years, but never found one. So here’s the little guy (a Diamondback Rattlesnake, 2.5 feet long), who was nice enough to pose for me. I was able to take about 60 pictures of him before he crawled away. This was so cool!

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