St. Marys Lighthouse (sunset & dark)


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Apr 25, 2006
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North East UK
Promised myself a trip down to Whitley bay to get a few shots of this lighthouse and arrived to a lovely sunset....


And stayed until after dark.....


Got back a couple of hours ago with some canny shots imo but these are the only ones I have quickly processed.
I'll post others later if you are interested.
I like both shots, nice Job. Good use of shutter speed on both, the slight blur of waves in #1 gives a real feel to the image. Please tell about the Post Processing. Was there any artifical light in #2 ? Night shots often have so much temp change to them, these dont. :D
Nice! I love the water ... I need to get me a nice ND filter. ;)
Wow those are both very different, and both very very beautiful!! Nicely done.

p.s. what's an ND filter?
p.s. what's an ND filter?

ND = Neutral Density. Basically sunglasses for your camera when your aperture can't go small. I don't know if the original poster used it, but when I've tried to get that effect with water, I never can get a long enough shutter speed even at the smallest aperture.
The first one is beautiful, the soft colors and warmth really does it for me.

The second is nice too, but I would have to say I prefer the first one. (only if I had to choose, of course)
Awsome pictures...the first pic is very nice:thumbup:

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