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Jan 18, 2012
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Looking to buy my. very first dslr or dslt. I have two canon point and shoot type digitals right now and like them but i am not strictly loyal to canon. I am willing to take a look at any brands that are suggested. I will be using it for almost every situation, including parties, landscape, sports, and especially travel. I would like to stay around or under $1000.00 for a body or kit so that i can still afford a bag, memory,spare battery, and another lens. I have looked at alot of different cameras but the more i look the more i cant narrow it down. A few of the features i would like to have are an articulating screen, panoramic stitch sounds like it would be fun, but not having those is not a deal breaker. Please let me know what camera you think i should get aswell as what secondary lens. Thanks. I should have mentioned i am going to alaska in june-july. I will be using it there alot if that helps.
I'm using a Nikon D5100 and it has most of the features you are interested in. Price, high quality, but I don't think it does panoramic stitch. If it does, I haven't discovered it yet. You might also consider the Canon t3i, and Sony a65 as they have similar features and are in your price range.

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