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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Soo Elektrikk, Nov 27, 2005.

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    Nov 27, 2005
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    Well, I'm extremely new at all this Photo-taking stuff. So, I'm trying to start up a Photography class in my Highschool;; but the thing is, I don't know what kind of equipment we need, if the teacher needs some special training in the business, and if it's going to cost a little bit of cash. I'm sure it's going to cost some money, but how much?
    Can anyone give me an estimate or anything?

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    Jan 29, 2005
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    If you're trying to start a photography class then your best bet is to start with the art department as this is usually the umbrella that photography falls under.

    If this class is to be a serious part of the curriculum, or a part of a larger class like general art then at least one teacher should have degree-level knowledge and a good interest in photography. If such a teacher doens't exist, then the class cannot exist (unless you go out and hire someone).

    Every student who takes part in this class will need a camera. A suitable camera is likely to be a few hundred dollars. You will also want a darkroom or digital imagery suite (preferably both). This can be very expensive as you will need to comply with health and safety issues with the darkroom and fork out for expensive software and suitable computers for the digital.

    Nobody can give you an accurate estimate based upon the information you have provided as class numbers and current staff and facilities information are vital to working out this kind of specific costing.

    Good luck with your endeavours!

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    Where am I now?
    From personal experience, starting a darkroom up is like trying to feed a black hole.
    The answer to 'how much does it cost' is 'how much have you got?'
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    Hamilton, New Zealand

    Answer is: Depends.

    Teachers may not necessarily be a problem, as photography basics can be picked up and taught quicker than Physics (heh heh). THe problem is: setting up a dark room using a classroom - your school may not have the resource, getting the equipment (if the students cannot afford the SLRs or cameras), getting the chemicals for those dark room, light-proofing dark rooms... Which country are you from anyway?

    If you're from a 1st world country, most students are expected to buy their own photography equipment so the school only provides the darkroom and the chemicals for them to work with. The initial cost for the school then will not be very high at all (Dark room, chemicals, light-proofing cost, lighting). That's because film-based equipments tend to be cheap and very affordable (300 USD can have you going places in NZ, literally :lol: ), so that shouldn't be too hard. However, if you're not then you have to consider that the school may have to provide equipments, which may be vandalized etc...

    If you're interested in photography, and if your school cannot start one learning from TPF shouldn't be too hard at all (We're nice folks after all :D). Your local library/university should be able to offer a nice selection of books on basic photography which you can learn from.

    Hope this helps.

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