Sting - Still rocking at 71..


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Jun 20, 2021
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Thought I had already posted this but must have been a glitch as I don't see it anywhere..

Last weekend we went to see Sting performing in concert - my apologies for the photo quality, taken with a phone only (hence why in Just for Fun).

Fantastic performance, he still has his unique voice 100% and full of energy, I will be very lucky to be as lithe as he at that age.
Just fantastic to see and hear this legend, comes across as a really, really nice guy as well, humble and so talented - Took me back to my teenage years, driving along, window open, with Synchronicity playing full volume...



My last concert(s) was the Scorpions. Flew to Vegas to see them last April and then went to Chicago to see them in September.
BTW 2 of the members of the Scorps are 74 but they rock like they are 54.....LOL
Cool, nice set. I love that you caught so many other phones in the shots too! Maybe someday they'll be more lenient with bringing in real gear since everyone records it anyways :)

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