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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by fadingaway1986, Sep 1, 2005.

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    Hey guys. In the midst of my boredom, I am trying my hand at stock photography.

    I am doing this through shutterstock.

    I was wondering if you guys could give me a little helping hand at what sorts of items I should be taking photos of (I don't have any models, so I have been focusing on household items).

    So far I have: straws, coloured pencils, strawberries, jelly beans, lollies (or candy. hehehe) trees, some landscapes (From new zealand) and a couple of flowers...

    Any ideas on what else I can take photos of? I have found at the moment that white paper is working best for me. So A4 size. I do have a off-white coloured bed sheet that I have used folded, however I am finding the texture of it shows up in photos. I will be buying a big roll of paper eventually, but for now I only have A4... (feel free to suggest things that won't fit on this, I will write them down and do it when I get bigger paper.)

    Thanks for your help guys...

    Here is my gallery on Shutterstock:

    (I have only earnt $3.40 but I hear that to earn more money, you need more pics... I am not worried about the low amounts of money you get paid. I am doing this more as a hobby for the time being, and something to waste time on. I suppose I could also say I am developing skills. lol)

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    Office supplies and that sort of thing seem to work well on those increase profits you might try doing it at more stock sites as well...I've been considering do the same thing, so it's encouraging to see that you've made something...I may be trying this after this weekend :)

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