Stolen / Lost equipment? Report it here!

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    Stolen / Lost equipment? Report it here! is a photographic equipment serial number collective base for items which have been declared stolen or lost. The website through a specifically formulated process allows photographers to declare all details about their lost equipment, such as the brand, the model, the serial number and also information which concerns the place, the time of loss and finally an email address for further contact.

    Photographic supply shops, service centers, prospective buyers and whoever else wishes to, can, by using the search engine provided by this website, search through equipment serial numbers to find out if it has been declared lost or stolen.

    Also it it possible to contact the owner who declared the loss, in order for him to be given the necessary information as in how to retrieve the equipment. The website aspires to become a universal database for lost and stolen equipment and to increase the percentage of retrievals.

    In other words, it will no longer be necessary to inform every service center, photographic supply shop or photographer independently in case of loss. They will be informed through the upload of the information on the website.

    In addition, due to the universal nature of this service it will be possible to immediately and directly inform all service centers, photographic supply shops and photographers in all countries.

    The function of the website depends on the universal community of photographers and is of a non-profitable nature.

    We invite all concerned individuals, amateur or professional, all forms of the printed media, unions and organizations and every person connected in any way with photography to support our effort and to actively participate in the search process.

    For further information visit

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    Oh, very cool!! Will be imputing my info ASAP. Pawn shops should know about this site too.

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