Storm approaching!


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May 9, 2012
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Anywhere we want! Just us And the RV
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I still want to post more from my summer at Grand Tetons.
However we moved down to Utah a couple of weeks ago.
We had storm clouds that were just amazing.
We didn't get the storm where we were just the great view.



Thanks for looking..
Wow, that's dramatic.
Wow, that's dramatic.

Yes,mit was really an amazing sky forming before our eyes!

The last shows how different types of beauty can be found, no matter where we look.

Thank you. The 1st 2 were just unbelieveable clouds, but the 2nd just called to me. The golden field in front of the colored rocks and such a threatening sky was beautiful to me!

Spectacular! Great stuff.
Thank you for the compliment!
Amazing colors and clouds. It's interesting how they transition from bright to dark so quickly. Nice shots.
Wow! All gorgeous pics but #3 is the mostest awesomester pic. :cool-48:
Awesome! I love cloud photos!
The 3rd is very nice. Nice skies in 1and 2, I always seem to be in a place that has poor foreground when the skies are good. I saw one of the best sunsets this year when I was travelling back from working away, but I was past all the good places to stop and my DSLR camera gear was at home. I knew that by the time I found somewhere it'd be gone.

I really need to find a few local spots I can get to at short notice.
Gorgeous light in that last one. Would make a great companion piece with the one of the marina that is in a similar pano crop! Print them both.

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