Storm Front Sunset

Whoa, what a drama going on in that sky of yours! While I, too, like 3 very much, also the front building up to a "solid wall" on the left in 1, with the rest still all calm and serene, is really good. And you didn't tweak the colours at all??? The sky was AS blue???
Thanks for all the feedback, everyone.

@La Foto - I shoot everything RAW, so I process all the shots I keep. The interesting thing is that for a vibrant as these came out, I wasn't able to capture the glow of the clouds in number 3. At least when I was in the field, that big cloud looked really hot and luminous on the edges and portions of the body of the cloud had that hot ember look. The blue is that twilight blue you get shooting this time of day. It's actually a deeper blue because of the underexposing I did, while the warm colours can't seem to contrast enough. That's probably partially due to the polarizer I had on. If I wasn't worried about the rain catching up to me, I would have bracketed some shots. As it is, I only took five shots and liked these three the best. I hope my explanation doesn't diminish the enjoyment of the images.
Oh no. Not in the least. Thank you for the explanation! They stay being really impressive, as the weather situation was quite impressive, too! You captured it well.
Love the colors in the 3rd one!
#1 and #3 are great, love the colors and composition of them. #2 seems like there is something you can do, I just can't think of it yet. Keep up the great work!

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