A few from recent walks


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Mar 25, 2005
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Here's a few from a couple of walks I went on. Some are of the Pendle area, and I can't remember where the other place was.






thanks for lookin
#3 is my favorite of the bunch. The framing and the way the fence leads up to the hills is fantastic. Nice job!

best wishes
Looks very peaceful and tranquil. Makes me want to go there.
really nice leading lines and rhythms of trees and fence posts. Number three is my fav as well. I am undecided on whether I like the tension of the lack of sky. Did you take the shot with more sky and crop or is this how it was shot? I'd love to see a different crop if possible.
thanks for the comments everyone.

oldmacman: I took three shots of that fence, all with varying amounts of sky. I couldn't decide which one i preferred. If i get chance I'll upload them.
I liked all of them. I think they were very good pictures, and very accurate. The balance was good in all of them as well.
good job, and good luck in your future
i like #4, almost makes me want to see a color version

I doubt there is a color version as these appear to be shot on film.

I love them all and I love the B&W...such a rustic and peaceful look. If I'm right about the film comment, did you use any filters on these...orange or red? If not, then that could have helped with the sky issues.
Always fun opening your threads, you rarely disappoint. Numbers 1 and 3 for me, especially #1. (It might be just my monitor, but I get the impression that these could use a bit more contrast. If you think they are fine as is, don't mind me.)

Yes, I too wish I was in England :)
I'm quite taken in by photo 2. The puddles on the path look so authentic to me. I also like your POV in that one, although I do see how the sky was a bit of a challenge in that one! But it's only that bit of sky through the trees...

But then comes 3! Wow. That one so well works with the fence as a leading line.
Do you happen to have one that has still got just a tiny bit of sky above the hill? I don't think you needed to lift you camera a lot further up to get that!??! I somehow feel unsettled with no hilltop...
thanks the comments. forgot to check on this thread for a while. I thought it had died.

yes, they're film, so no colour version I'm afraid. I do have a Grad filter knocking about somewhere. Must remember to bring it with me next time. Might help with the sky :)

Here's one with a bit more sky. It's also got a slightly different perspective. Looking at it now, I think i might prefer this version.


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