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Sep 13, 2010
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Carthage, NY
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just a cool autumn stream and waterfall in colorado.. i know it's a bit dark but when i brighten it up then it loses the contrast.. ideas anyone?

Mike Leggero

What happens when you higher the contrast? Wouldn't that help? :)
Was it a very dark forest or was the scene any brighter in the light of day ?

I could be way off base here, but I imagine it may have been capable of looking like this ..........

OP: Your image is underexposed, even with some of the highlights blown.

Idea: Go back and reshoot the scene with better lighting and exposure. Your shutter speed (in this condition) is still a bit long. This is the benefit of digital...... shoot, shoot, shoot. Get many exposures and pick the best of the lot.

.....I could be way off base here, but I imagine it may have been capable of looking like this ..........

What's with the magenta and over-saturation? Poor example.
Wow,this really nice and best things you share and I really like your photo graphs and I think first one looks really nice and second one is ok but all are nice.
Hi, Michaelleggero!

Try using dodge 'n burn techniques instead. This will allow you to restore some details on bits of areas they are most needed, instead of applying setting changes on the entire image.

this is why i post, cause if i didn't get feedback i never would have looked through my files and found this one..
i'm pretty sure this is the problem... i used a vari ND filter on the darker image, and when you use those if you turn it down alot it gives you a blue overcast to the image..and i'm betting i didnt set the white balance after i turned it down---it's a great filter but i think there is a learning curve to it..
anyway, here's another version that i think is alot better

Mike Leggero

I think it's a lot better than the 1st, but I think it's still lacking some contrast, and still slightly (very slightly) underexposed.

Depending on what mood you want for the picture, I modified your 2nd one to what I think looks better.

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