Street Photography at 1 degree F


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Sep 17, 2019
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Springfield, Illinois
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Hi Folks,

This morning it was snowing and blowing, so I thought it would be neat to go out and take a few pictures. Got a few nice bird pictures at the wildlife sanctuary. Headed home about an hour later. Took a few street photographs, Had the shutter speed at 1/400 and 500 of a second. I noticed that the camera didn't have that fast click shutter sound. This is one of the pictures that I took. The windchill is -15 F.

Thank you,

try the camera again after it warms up, but i'd guess that it's an issue with your shutter mechanism that's unrelated to the cold weather. how old is the camera and how many shots have you taken with it?
Yeah, nothing worse than frozen bits.:D
Had my D90 out in Yellowstone in -20 a few years back, no issues. So maybe a shutter issue?

The batts do die quicker in that kind of cold so I keep the spare in a warm pocket until needed.
I've used a lot of different cameras in temperatures around 1 F, but never had any problems (other than fog in the viewfinder and shorter battery life).

I've also had pictures come out as yours, but that has been because of bad memory cards.

I'm not saying it's not because of the temperature, but maybe try another memory card.
I didn't have an issue with mirror and shutter but I had issues in around -10Celsius with LiveView and that small digital display on Nikon camera

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