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Apr 8, 2007
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It's funny what inspires me throw some questions to you all... but I was in the shower this afternoon and... a question blossomed! We all (hopefully) know our strengths and weaknesses in photography but what are some of the things you would admit too?

Weakness: I'd have to say my weakness is practical DOF. I get pretty good results sometimes, but more often than I want to admit, it's accidental. I need to practice more. If I need it, I fake it in post. I need to stop that.

Strengths: I think I have a strong ability to shoot a "classic corporate head shot". I haven't done one in a long time, but last night I set up the strobes in my tiny dining room and within 3 shots, I was dialed in. I think I can do them in my sleep.

What's up with you?
Weakness: Lack of artistic sense

Strength: I'll tell you when I find one. (technical probably once I get more used to the camera.
weaknesses: manual focus, keeping my viewfinder straight, not being able to just lift my camera and shoot strangers when they're looking my way...

strengths: i'm not really sure
(That seems strange... over 30 hits and only 2 posts. I guess people are uncomfortable self analyzing themselves.)
Weakness: I suck at keeping up with communication. I have this really bad habit recently of promising things then accidentally forgetting to get back to them. My facebook page is a testimony to this. Every now and then I make announcements "if I haven't gotten back to you when I should have, facebook/email/MSN/yell at me!!!" and it is amazing how many people are suddenly yelling at me ;) (yes this is photographically related. I literally just had another email come in after posting this "haven't heard back from you on..." EEK!)
But photographically. Probably cropping right in camera.

Strengths: Uhh.. *shrug*
Weakness: Remaining calm and undistracted during semi exciting shoots, being bold regarding human subjects and pretty girls. Knowledge about what settings to nail a shot, admitting total noob factor in public forums :p

Strengths: Finding a new angle, almost all aspects of editing, actually having camera and fresh batteries on hand, not taking critiques too personally :confused:

BTW - Liked your other Avatar, this one is a little Al Gore.

weakness - learning as much as i should, i tend to shoot & get lucky sometimes, but sometimes get frustrated and dont study up, so i dont learn from my mistakes, but im trying...
learning how to use my photo editting programs & not give up so easy.:(

strengths - i have a million creative idea's ( but a weakness of putting them in form )

Im hoping that now i have a little more time, i can focus, i might not be very good but i really wanna get better, i just have to focus, focus, focus.
Strengths - I am creative and easy to be around ( I hope ) I get told often that I make people relax quickly.
I am expeimental and corageous with studio lighting . I use props well and find posing people easy ( regardless of their size)
I only ever use manual settings - in fact I have never once even used anything auto on my 5D - I feel really comfortable behind the camera.

Weakness - PP - Everything about it, I totally suck at photoshop I am doing all I can to improve this!
I struggle sometimes changing the DOF during shoots and remaining composed and fluid.
I also am not great at using natural light well, I am also trying to rectify that this year.


Cool thread
Strengths: I feel that I have a pretty good understanding of the technical aspects of photography. I know what settings, filters, or lighting I need to get the image I want, and I generally compose my shots well. I know how I want it to look, and I am able to achieve that.

Weaknesses: Creativity. I don't really know if it's even possible to change this (can you "learn" creativity?). A lot of my pictures look pretty boring to me, even if the technical side is executed flawlessly.
Strengths: Techinal display as I call it (there is prolly a real term for it but), Generally a very mundain type of photography that generally finds it's way into a filing cabnit somewhere. It's more than a snapshot but it's as far from artistic and/or journalistic as it can be, but not as refined as product photography. Automobile damage (or lack thereof), structure exteriors and what not, just ment to show something specific.

Weaknesses:.....Too many to list.....but what the hey lets try right

1. PP, I have grown so accustomed to doing it all in those little black boxes I adorn myself with with minimal viewers of the final image, I never really cared about things like eliminating powerlines, poles or other random objects to make the image satisfying to those with no true interest in the actual subject.

2. Composition, artistic and journalistic imagery composition eludes me, sometimes I stumblenutz on to it for a shot or two but attempts to repeat meet with failure.

3. Candid shooting, I can be a sticler for focus at times, I just can not pull up the camera and hit the release (this applies to AF as well, I tend to hold the button halfway for a few additional seconds just because I don't trust it)
Strengths: B+W visualisation. Framing in camera. Basic composition.

Weaknesses: Creative imagination. Dealing with people subjects. Studio lighting.
BTW - Liked your other Avatar, this one is a little Al Gore.

<ouch> That hurt dude! lol

I was trying to show people my conservative face. "Corporate America Rulz!"

<man... I crack me up!>
* I'm a rusher... I have a tendency to rush a lot of things in my life including the creative process of creating of photograph. I've gotten into a good habit of recognizing it and stopping for a breather to slow me down.
* Strobes.... I need to learn more about them.
* Lack of time to dedicate to photography

* I'm a lover of photography.
* I like to think that my strength is composition which is the part of photography I enjoy most.
* I'm a sponge willing to learn anything and everything... if there is a time or someone to teach.
I would say that one on my strengths is composition too. I might not light it as I should (weakness) but I can compose a shot with the lens cap on!

I would have to say that I am a great at working with people. I've been told that I don't know what a stranger is, because I'll talk to anybody as if I've known them my entire life. I think that is a HUGE asset.

Another weakness I have is pushing my camera. Meaning that if I need to bump up the shutter speed I also need to change the iso to compensate and so forth (I had the same trouble with film). A HUGE weakness is the simple lack of "book knowledge" of basic photography. I am 100% self taught. Not even a class in high school and this is a big, big weakness. (I need to take some classes to better understand the basics.)
Strength: I can figure out which way is up fast and bring the shots to prove it

Weakness: Objective critique. If I don't like an image, it's really hard to find something good in it. That's including my own.

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