Stuck UV filter.

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Aug 9, 2018
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I keep a UV filter on my Canon T6 Rebel lens to add and extra layer of protection as well as reduce UV.

When I shoot point sources like the moon or a street lamp, I need to remove it to eliminate the inter-lens reflections. I have not removed it in many month and when I tried it was stuck. I have never had this problem before.

I can grab the end on the lens barrel and the UV filter but I cannot loosen the filter by hand pressure alone.

Before I go off the deep end with penetrating oil or tools, I thought I should check for the proper way unscrew the stuck UV filter.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,
I think there is a filter wrench. A plastic device that clamps around the filter, to give you more grip on the filter, and more leverage.
I've also use a rubber pad. Push the pad against the front of the filter RING (not the glass), and turn.
The problem here is that you also have to secure the lens barrel, or you could damage something inside the lens.

I had a situation where the filter ring was distorted by impact (the filter had shattered) and resisted ALL efforts to unscrew.
I finally gave up, and cut the filter ring in 3 places about 1/4 inch apart. So that I could collapse the ring, and remove pressure of the ring onto the lens.
That was MESSY, as I used a cut-off wheel in a Dremel. So I also had to protect against all the metal dust.
I've seen people using a rubber band for that. The problem often is that you use too much pressure with your hands, that will actually make it harder to unscrew. If it's the kit lens, make sure to hold it on the front element rather than the zoom ring area. But I guess you knew that ;).
But yes, there are tools called lens filter wrenches, filter clamps, etc.. I once bought one and it is pretty handy.
Wrench is the best, but try the mouse pad trick. Remove the lens from the camera, push it into the back of a mouse pad (non-slip surface) and twist counterclockwise. Good luck.
isn't it irony that an (useless) filter that you kept on the lens for a protection is now about to kill your lens front thread ? you have to use force, good luck
Use an electrical cord -- an old rubber on if you have one. Just wrap the cord around the filter, pull it tight in your hand and use the cord as a wrench to turn the filter.
Success, a better grip was the key.

Thanks for the info
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doesnt hurt to hit the threads once in a while with di electric grease to keep things loose.
Success, a better grip was the key.

Thanks for the info
as I've outlined that above - I strongly believe that UV filters are the most useless filters at all .. the only exception is shooting under the conditions where a salty water might spray my front element, which is thankfully not often as far as I am a landlubber :D

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