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peter adison

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Jul 6, 2003
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I am a beginer in studio photography and I am looking for a few books to learn. I found a loot of books on the net, and I am a little disoriented. Please if someone could guide me to the books that are good indeed for learning studio lighting secrets. Thank you in advance,

...welcome to the *fun* world of studio photography!

There is a bewildering selection of books to choose from and i presume by "studio lighting secrets" you refer to actual lighting set ups for achieving various results. Yes?

I can't recommend any books of that genre - but hopefully someone will be along soon who can

However, the "secret" (if there is one) of successful studio work is to understand lighting ratios

In simple language: how to meter the individual lights, and/plus their accumulated output, so as to correctly expose your setting

Although technical and somewhat complicated, a proficient studio shooter will have mastered this; it is most important if one wishes to control results

Studio work is heaps(!) of fun - but also very challenging because the final outcome is always a reflection (x'cuse the pun) of one's understanding of those principals and their application

Understand lighting ratios - and your work will only be limited by your imagination...

Have fun!



P.S. i love your quote from EISENSTAEDT
You say I must master lighting ratie. I am agree with you, but tell me the short way ( if exist ) to learn this.

Thank you,


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