Studio shoot C&C Please!

I'd probably soften up or remove that highlight/glint in her right eye, its a bit distracting. Her eyes are already nice with defined iris, and a glassy the highlight twinkle is a little too much. Maybe a little more light on her lower right cheek too.

Second one looks good. Im curious what it would look like if it wasnt centered.
i really enjoy the second photo
very pretty and the selective colouring is very effective
I like the pics but am wondering if there is a way to soften her face more? it seems like her skin catches my eyes more/first than anything else.
Yeah that highlight is poor. I will remove both. Looked worse before as i was standing in front of the softbox a little...

My wife wanted the selective color. She has a great eye, and we make a good team when shooting portraits. :)

Her skin has really big pores. I should spend more time smoothing the first photo. That was the first thing she commented on after taking the photos, hehe!

Thanks for the input as always!
the second photo of b/w is nice with the flower popping with color, good job on that

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