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    Some suggestions for sub directorys
    1. All about lenses - (There are lots of repeat inquiries about lens suggestions)
    2. Equipment (other than lenses) questions - same reason as above
    3. Critique requested - post photos that you would like feedback on
    4. Help with post processing - questions and suggestions
    5. Help with how to take a picture technique - (answers to my questions are blurry etc)
    6. Where to find more help - post questions, answers and links to other other websites, training information and training aids/resources.
    I'll bet most of those almost 300 pages of posts would drop easily into one of these. It would make searching for help a whole lot easier and with better use of time.

    Also, it would be great to to put a suggestion header with some direction on how to Title a Post. Such as "What do you think" vs. "What do you think about the Nikon 70-300 VR".

    Great site, some subs would help navigation to info easier with better use of time.


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