Summer prayer

How did you get her to pose so beautifully?

I'd like a little more exposure on her face but despite that I like it as is. Love the DOF. Technically it should probably be portrait but you made it work in landscape (for me). :D
That picture is awesome.

I really like this. My only nit pics would be its not quite in portrait orientation nor landscape so I'd probably square it up a bit by cropping a bit off the right side [but square crops are just my preference anyway :) ] Also a tiny bit more left at the top so her hat was not right at the edge of the frame. But despite that, I think its a nice candid shot.
Thank you guys appreciated.
Granddad the pic is candid. I never asked her to pose for camera...I love her spontaneity and I like to keep it that way. As for the might be right Daqwood56...I'll try.
Thank you all for comments.

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