Sunset and sunrise settings


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Jan 9, 2008
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What would be the best settings for sunset and sunrise, I hoping to get up early in the morning lol first ever...normal wake up time about 12ish but yeah i want to try the camera on the sunset but dont know what setting, there is a sunset setting on the camera already but i got told to try not to use the preset settings and to use manual..Also i dont have much space as its only going to be in the back yard for now till i get it right then i will be going out to places once i know the camera...

Well im hoping that some one can help as it will make me want to do photography more if i do this..

Thank you
I would say a manual settings and a tripod as was suggested in your double post and I would also recommend an English refresher class from 8 A.M until noon.
Thanks for your thoughts but me english is fine its the way i speak and i dont care i dont wanna be rude but mate what if i was like from india or something im sure iwould find that a bit harsh dont ya think like you know, i was brought up to talk this way that the way i talk you got a problem i dont wanna hear bout it ok...

oh and i didnt post about the sunset thing in the other post i forgot to so i added this...

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