Sunset in Kokorinsko


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Oct 29, 2020
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Central Bohemian, Czech Republic
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another sunset from my home area (50.51129525811947, 14.50155610751672)

by ntz on ThePhotoForum: Film & Digital Photography Forum

I am still terribly fighting a postprocess, specifically blending is my Achilles' heel so I hope you will like this ..

thank you very much for your feedback

regards, dan
here are original out-of-camera JPGs - just for reference, I've used RAWs

I like the flare. Did you shoot a set and combine in post?
very nicely done!
Thank you so much @everybody .. this forum is great inspiration for me, and also the great motivation .. I've started with photography seriously during the CV19 crisis, I don't regret anything, photography gives me so much now and also photography requires me to comply, which means for me to get to the shape .. I'm fourty, I have a mil. background so physically I should be above average but now I see that for a landscape is the biggest limitation my body, my regeneration and my ability to wake up in stupid hours and get to the places .. I love this forum and people who contribute here .. I owe you .. for the positive change in my life that has happened in past year

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