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    A while back I believe it was FHM who made a thread on this process, which I turned into an action for photoshop. It was requested that it become 3 separate actions instead of 1 with suggestions on sharpening more. The action doesn't seem to work for all instances, but it's saved me time for sure.

    It's 3 separate actions inside of a folder, 'Lab Sharp', 'Lab Sharper', 'Lab Sharpest'. They all create their own independent layers so you can try all of them to see which suites you best.

    You can pick up the file here, though I'm not sure how long this will last. I would attach it since it's a whooping 5kb, but I don't have attachment powers. If someone else can download it and attach it that would be great. ;)

    Anyway, hope you guys find it useful.

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